Message regarding the Jan 2 Service

Dear New Town UMC Family and Friends,


I had hoped that I would be joining you in our church to bring the message that God has been laying on my heart. However, after much prayer, counsel, and general research, it has been decided that we will not meet in person for worship this Sunday. The numbers of positive COVID cases is on a significant rise, including among our church family. We continue to make every effort to keep our building safe and sanitized and plan to meet together next Sunday, the 9th. I am looking forward to seeing you there in person!


In Matthew 2 we read of the miracles within the turmoil of the time of Jesus’ birth —Herod’s murderous search for the rumored king, an angel warning Joseph to flee Bethlehem, the visit and gifts of the magi. “In every twist and turn of the story surrounding Christ’s birth, God’s hand overrules. Our God, who made the earth, sky, and stars, had a plan. Our world is in much the same, chaotic state as back in Herod’s day; we worry about the future. It’s hard, trusting a God we cannot see, while perplexing events unfold.” (Timothy Keller, Hidden Christmas: The Surprising Truth behind the Birth of Christ)


As we walk through this next year, let us remember that God is in control and His plans and purposes will be fulfilled.


I’ll see you next Sunday!



Pastor Garry